What can we order at stickers4bikers.com?

Stickers4biker.com is a sports brand, offering personalised accessories, such as stickers for bicycles (individual and group), clothes, backpacks, etc. What do SPORT, SPECIAL, SUPER sets include? We print in UV technology on self-adhesive foils of top brands, we cut the stickers matching the width to your text. Standard sets are made to meet most requirements. If you have other requirements (size, shape, colours, type of foil) write to us at info@stickers4bikers.com – we will help you out!

How can get in touch with you?

In order to get in touch with write to info@stickers4bikers.com. Our customer service team will get in touch with you asap! You can also call us at +48 601 177 440. I have a photo with stickers from stickers4bikers.com and I would like to share it. Where can I send it? In order to share your photo, write to info@stickers4bikers.com or post it on our facebook profile.

How can I make the payment?

Our payment are processed by PayPal and PayU – the fastest, safest and easiest payments methods available online. PayPal and PayU accept credit cards, debit cards and bank transfers in 21 different currencies, as well as payments via PayPal and PayU account. If you have a PayPal or PayU account, the transactions will be realised from your existing account automatically. Second option is for those without PayPal or PayU account – credit card or debit card payment. For domestic transactions we recommend the use of PayU system.

What is the order realisation time?

Taking into account, that all our products are personalised, made in accordance with client’s individual design (it is not ready-made merchandise), standard production time is 7 to 10 days. Delivery time depends on the carrier. We take efforts to shorten this time to a necessary minimum.

What is the stickers’ quality?

Our stickers are printed in UV technology on top brands transparent vinyl foils. The stickers are top quality, durable and fit to apply on flat, smooth, rigid surfaces.

Can I cancel my order?

The order can be cancelled, but only before it is printed. Write to info@stickers4bikers.com and we will check the status of your order and get back to you asap.

Can I print my own graphics instead of the flag?

If you order more than two sets of classic team stickers, you can send your own logo or graphics (following the guidelines!).

How should I prepare graphics for printing?

Send your graphics in JPG, PNG file format, CMYK colour range, vertical resolution at least 2500 pixels.

Why do you only have white shirts?

Full colour sublimation print can only be made on white background, the used ink is not covering paint and other background than white will affect the colour, on dark background it will be hardy visible. This type of print guarantees very high quality and durability of the graphics.