The operator of service is Arkadiusz Knap, conducting business activity registered under the name Kameleon Colours Arkadiusz Knap, 108 Wawelska Street, 64-920 Piła, NIP: 764-101-90-20, REGON: 570369577, called the Seller.
The internet store sells goods and services, particularly prints of personalised stickers, clothes and sporting goods. Minimum technical requirement that has to be met in order to use the Internet Store, buy products or services is a computer or other device connected to the internet, equipped with a browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0, Firefox 20, Google Chrome 27, Safari 5.0, Opera 11). In order to shop in the Store, the Client has to be a holder of a valid /active email address, a keyboard or other pointing device allowing to fill internet forms. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions is voluntary, but necessary in order to set up a Customer Account and/or in order to place an order for purchase of products. The Seller reserves the right to change prices of items in the internet offer, adding new or removing items from the internet offer.


Registration in the system is free of charge and takes place when making an order via the ordering system on website, however it is not necessary to make a purchase. The registration process requires providing an email address and password. The client is obliged not to disclose the password to any third party. The Client is obliged to provide full and true information (surname, address of residence, etc.). If the information provided by the Client is false, the Client is held responsible for the damages resulting thereof. Administrator of the service can deprive a Client from the right to use the service, as well as deny access to the service or its parts with an immediate effect in case of breach of the Terms and Conditions by the Client, if the Client: provided false, invalid or inacurate information, provided misleading information or breached rights of third party, breached rights of third party via the service. During the registration process, the Client should give consent to place his personal data in the Internet Store database, so the order can be processed.


Product information provided on Internet Website, particularly descriptions, technical parameters and prices are an invitation to make an agreement in accordance with art. 71 of the Civil Code, it address the Clients, not an offer as mentioned in the Civil Code. Materials presented by the Seller are not ready products. Offered items are graphic patterns, which are only a visualisation of a ready product. Clients’ orders are accepted at 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. The orders are realised from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 to 16:00. All realisation dates are in working days. Working days do not include Saturdays, Sundays, and bank holidays as described in act of day January 18, 1951 about bank holidays (Journal of Acts 1951 Number 4 item 28 with amendments). Order realisation time is counted from the moment the order is placed in the system along with files properly prepared for printing. If the client places the order after 12:00, the realisation time is counted from the following day. The realisation period may be longer if changes are made in the design or due to force majeure or factors not dependant on the Seller. To place an order, the Client has to choose the ordered items or services, delivery method, delivery address, billing address and method of payment.
Sale agreement is made in accordance with Polish law and in Polish language. Orders placed by the Client are accepted on the conditions and at prices available at the time the order is placed. Each order (purchase) is documented with a receipt or VAT invoice, depending on the Client’s choice when the order is placed.

How the sale agreement is made

The subject of the Sale Agreement are printing materials and services, which were set by the Client during the purchase process. In order to make a Sale Agreement, one has to enter Internet Store website available at the address, choose a product and its parameters, follow instructions on the website and place the order. After clicking the “order” button, the Client will be transferred to the order page, where payment method and delivery address can be chosen. Once the “order” button is clicked, the Internet Store generates an email, sent to the address provided during the registration process.
The afore mentioned email message is a confirmation, that the order is received, and the Client’s offer is accepted or information, that the order cannot be realised. The message includes a summary of the placed order, subject of the order, its number, total amount due for the ordered items or services, suggested method of payment, method of delivery, delivery address and time. The agreement is considered as concluded when the order confirmation is received. The Order realisation shall begin when the Client all the graphics files sent for verification and the payment for the Seller is cleared.


The delivery is made to address provided by the Client, when the Order is placed. Estimated realisation time is give for each ordered product. The total delivery time included the time required for the realisation of the order and delivery by the carrier to the address provided by the Client. The order realisation time is counted from the moment the total amount due for the order is paid to the Seller, to the moment of sending the Products to the Client and takes from 7 to 10 working days. Time required by the carrier to deliver the products has to be added to the order realisation time. The Seller shall deliver the Products according to the Client’s request: by Poczta Polska (priority parcel), by courier service or personal pick up by the Client from the Seller’s office. The cost of delivery of stickers is included in the cost of the product – priority package by Poczta Polska. At the Client’s request the Products can be sent by courier service – additional cost will be indicated when placing the order. Cost of delivery of non-standard packages is calculated individually. Products ordered in the Internet Store are delivered to Poland and EU countries.


Prices in the Store are in PLN (Polish Złoty) and include all customs fees and taxes.
The Seller uses popular and safe internet payment methods: foreign online payments:, domestic online payments –, domestic payments: bank transfer in PLN – the Client can make a payment into the Seller’s account via a bank transfer or pay in a bank or at the post office. In case the such method of payment is chose, the order shall be realised when the payment is cleared the Seller’s account. In order to speed up the process, the Client may send a scan of the payment proof to


The Seller is responsible, if the sold Product is faulty (physical or legal flaw, pledge). If the Product received by the Clients is faulty, the Client can exercise the guarantee right. Claims should be sent to If the sold Product is faulty, the Client can:
file a statement for price reduction or withdrawal from the Agreement, unless the Seller immediately and without additional inconvenience to the Client, changes the faulty Product to a fault-free one or removes the fault. The price reduction shall remain in proportion to the price resulting from the Agreement, in which the value of the Product with the flaw is to a flaw-free Product. The Client cannot withdraw from the Agreement if the Product flaw is insignificant; demand an exchange to a flaw-free Product or demand to remove the flaw. The Seller is obliged to remove any Product with flaw in a reasonable period of time, without any additional inconvenience to the Client with reservations and on rules set in applying rules of the Civil Code. When filing a complaint, the Client should always refer to the ordered Product with a flaw. In case the ordered Product is further sold/given to a third party, the responsibility for the Product quality is borne by the Client. Each claim should contain a detailed description of the flaw. It is the Client’s responsibility to make the Product with flaw available to the Seller, provide pictures of the Product with flaw to the Seller or his representative in order to confirm the flaw. Only items in condition as delivered by the Seller are subject to refund/repair. If the technical flaw is found after the sticker is attached, the complaint is considered as invalid. The complaint shall be considered with a valid purchase proof, the package with item being subject of complaint has to include the complete set. Each complaint, filed by the Client, meeting the above conditions shall be considered within 14 working days from the complaint date. The Seller shall inform the Client how the complaint is handled. The Seller reserved the right to +/-15% discrepancy in the Order. Differences resulting from colour differences in computer display and damages resulting from poor handling of the Product by the Client are not considered as technical flaws.

Damaged parcel

If the delivered parcel is visibly damaged, the Ordering party is obliged not to accept the delivery or to file a complaint to the courier company on the day of the delivery and inform the Seller about such situation via email. If the above procedure is followed, the Seller shall send a new Product chosen by the Client within 10 working days without any additional fees or make a refund to the Client’s account. If the damage to the delivery has to be established in presence of the courier, otherwise the complaint shall be considered invalid.

No right to withdrawal

Taking into consideration, that the products and services (stickers, personalised clothing, etc.) purchased at the Store are configured and made in accordance to a personal and detailed order placed by the Client, in accordance to article 38 point 3 of Act of day May 30, 2014 about consumer rights (Journal of Acts 2014, item 827) the right to withdrawal from the agreement by the Consumer on the basis of article 27 of the afore mentioned Act (that is return within 14 without providing any particular reason) does not apply. Clients, who placed and paid for an order, but did not verify the files within 14 days from the moment the payment cleared at the Seller’s account, shall be contacted with by the Seller’s representative in order to establish further procedure.

Intellectual property rights

Products sold by the Seller at the Internet Store are protected by intellectual property rights. The Client or third parties are not authorised to produce or copy products. For matters not mentioned in the following paragraph, Act of day February 4, 1994 about intellectual property applies (Journal of Acts 1994 number 24 item 83 with later amendments).

Privacy policy

It is the Client’s decision to give consent for processing personal data in accordance to Act of day August 29, 1997 about personal data protection (Journal of Acts 2002 number 101 item 926 with later amendments), however no consent to process personal data makes the realisation of the agreement and order impossible. The Client can give consent for personal data processing for marketing purposes in accordance to Act of day August 27, 1997 about personal data protection (Journal of Acts 2002 number 101 item 926 with later amendments); personal data will be then forwarded to a third party who will send marketing materials and information about promotional campaigns and information about the Seller’s Internet Store. The administrator of the personal data is Arkadiusz Knap conducting business activity under the name Kameleon Colours Arkadiusz Knap, 108 Wawelska Street, 64-920 Piła, NIP: 764-101-90-20, REGON: 570369577. According to the afore mentioned Act about personal data protection, providing one’s personal data is voluntary, and the Client has the right to view, edit or delete such data.


In cases not mentioned in the following Terms and Conditions, Civil Code regulations apply, or other acts applying to the activity and functioning of an internet store. All disputes resulting from sales agreements made with Clients who are not Consumers in accordance to article 221 of the Civil Code, shall be assessed by court having jurisdiction over the Seller’s location. The Store does not hold responsibility for mistakes in the Client’s order, resulting from invalid data provided by the Client. The Store does not hold responsibility for transactions made by unauthorised third parties, who accessed Client’s account due to careless use of login and password. The contents of the Rules and Conditions is available to the Clients free of charge at the following URL address:, Clients can browse it or print a copy.